Marketing Consultancy

Development and implementation of a good communications and marketing strategy is key to targeting, engaging and delivering messages to the correct audiences. 

With the evolution of media and communications, everyday users are moving further away from traditional forms towards online platforms that are quicker and easier to engage with. A fast changing world provides untapped business potential, this is where Archery X-tra can help. 

Here at Archery X-tra, our aim to help you develop your marketing and communications strategy to unleash it's untapped potential on your business. While we specialise in the development of online strategies and engagement for sports organisations of all sizes, we are here to help everyone. 

Below is a number of areas, Archery X-tra can help further develop your marketing and communications.

Social Media



Strategy Development 

Communications Strategy

Key to setting the company’s tone and direction to ensure a streamlined approach for all internal and external communications. This can include:

  • Evaluation of current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Key messages that will drive the basis of all communications
  • Channels these key messages will be communicated
  • Crisis communications plan
  • Writing Standards

Publicity Strategy 

Integral for having a beneficial and ongoing relationship with all types of  media outlets. This can include:

  • Media kit
  • Press release templates 
  • How to approach media on different platforms (TV, radio, newspaper, and social media)

Social Media Strategy 

To streamline an approach and ensure results in key areas such as brand awareness and revenue growth. This can include:

  • Mechanics of using different social media platforms i.e. the image sizes and content that works best for each platform, developing hashtags, how to increase your reach & engagement
  • Six month proposed content plan

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