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Development and implementation of a good communications and marketing strategy is key to targeting, engaging and delivering messages to the correct audiences. This is where Archery X-tra can help. 

You can find out more information here, or you can email us at info@archeryxtra.com.au

The History Of Archery X-tra

Archery X-tra started out as an online magazine. That's right, it was a 50 page online magazine that was read across Australia. It was written for target archers by target archers and covered archery news at all levels - from the grassroots to the Olympic podium. In the below magazines, you will articles on indoor, outdoor, 3DAAA, field in a range of bow types and age divisions.

Starting off as "Australian Target Archers" in early 2016, Archery X-tra steadily grew in readership. With the aim to provide information and fun prices about target archer in Australia, it was widely enjoyed.

Since then, Archery X-tra has changed directions to no longer produce magazines and now focuses time on marketing and communications consultancy.

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